A.T School of Motoring. your Local Driving School
A.T School of Motoring. your Local Driving School
A.T School of Motoring Driving Lessons in Prestwich, Whitefield, Radcliffe, & Bury 07596821968
A.T School of Motoring                    Driving Lessons in Prestwich,                                                          Whitefield, Radcliffe, & Bury 07596821968

A.T School of Motoring                                  


Established over 17 Years in Prestwich


Who to choose for your driving lessons? Always a tricky one this!  Everybody wants value for money, but this doesn't always mean the cheapest. When booking driving lessons with me you  will benefit from my many years of experience teaching people from different backgrounds, with varying abilities. 

I structure the driving lessons to suit your pace and ability. I keep my lesson briefs short, but concise. you are then able to spend more time driving, and practicing the topics discussed. I will teach you as fast as you can learn.

My aim is that you can drive safely, understand your responsibilities, and pass your driving test at your 1st attempt.


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